Dog and Cat Boarding

22 Years of Quality Pet Care Service in Maryland!

     At Canine Country Club, we treat our guests with professional care, knowledge and compassion.  Our Pledge is to provide a clean and friendly atmosphere for your pet.  We have found it very important that all of the pets in our care receive as much individual attention that we can possibly give them.   Playtime, walks and daily observations are a high priority.   A happy dog is what we strive for.   Whether the stay is for one day, one week or longer... you can rest assured that your pet will receive the best of care at Canine Country Club!

Daily Boarding Rates

Boarding rates are charged by the day and begin the day you bring your pet in.  

If you pick up your pet before 12:00 PM, you won't be charged for the pick up day.

Cats - $20 

Small dogs (up to 49 lbs.) - $25

Medium dogs (up to 99 lbs.) - $26

Large dogs (over 100 lbs.) - $27

Required Vaccinations

  • Dogs

    • Rabies
    • DHLPP
    • Bordetella
  • Cats

    • Rabies
    • Feline Distemper

Fun Time Activities and Treats for your pet while staying with us!

Fun Time Activities

-Ball Toss
-Frisbee Throw
-Pool Splashing
-Long Country Walks -Lap Luvin'
-Me Time! - Loose in Play Yard


$5.50 per activity per day
$10.00 for 2 activities per day
$15.00 for 3 activities per day
$20.00 for 4 activities per day


Treats and Snacks

Yoghund Frozen Treats - $4.00
Frozen Smoothies - $4.00
Frozen Stuffed Kong - $4.00 Per Fill
Stuffed Kong Not Frozen - $4.00 Per Fill


Check-In Information

When you bring your pet in for boarding, we will make sure that you have filled out all of the necessary forms and agreements needed to board your pet. We will ask about your pets health and behavior so that we may monitor him or her while staying with. Please notify us of any medical conditions, allergies, behavior issues etc. Nothing is too big or too small to tell us about.
We supply Victor Super Premium dog food.   It is a Lamb and brown rice meal for normally active adult dogs.  You may also bring your own food and treats for your pet at no extra charge. We will supply everything your pet will need for his stay including beds, blankets, toys, bowls and lots of other fun stuff! Please contact us for reservations, cancellations or to ask for details about our policies.

Call Us to Schedule Your Grooming Appointment

(410) 827-4245