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Quality, Loving, and Experienced

Pet Care for Your Dog or Cat!

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Dog Boarding

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Cat Boarding

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Obedience Training

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Exceptional Pet Care in Queenstown

At Canine Country Club, we appreciate the beauty and value of the relationship between animals and their best friends, our clients.

We are responsible for the health, comfort, and safety of every pet in our care.

We provide the highest quality, comprehensive, and humane animal care possible.

Our clients are welcome in a clean, friendly, and well-organized atmosphere.

Our products and services give value and peace of mind to our clients.

We strive to maintain the highest quality of these products and services through continued education and caring commitment to the health and well-being of the animals that we serve.

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A dog laying in bed with his head on the pillow


Dogs love boarding at Canine Country Club! 


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Professional Grooming Services 6 day a week.  Call for an appointment!

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Obedience Training

A black dog laying on the ground with its head on a toy.

Day Care

Bring you dog in for the day while you go to work, run some errands or just for some fun!

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